This article will cover the overall scenario of flats for sale in Zirakpur and the top projects with apartments in Zirakpur.

Overview of Zirakpur Real Estate Market

Last decade Zirakpur has seen generous growth in the real estate sector.

The 2009 Zirakpur Master Plan stated that only 23.4% of the land was reserved for residential colonies. However, the 2016 revision to the master plan increased this area to 33.25%. This is due to the increasing population and high residential real estate demand. According to the 2011 Census, the number of migrant workers has increased by 22.3% over the past decade. This trend will continue in the future. In the past 25 years, 79% of the population has moved to SAS Nagar and Kharar. The Tricity is likely to see an increase of 30% in urbanisation by 2030.

Three Categories of Residential Flats for Sale in Zirakpur

When the real estate market is still booming, and you have so many projects to choose from for your dream home, TPS (Tricity Property Searches) brings you the three categories of flats available in the Zirakpur real estate market. This article will focus on three categories of flats available for sale in Tricity and how these flats differ from each other based on location, construction quality, and pricing.

Affordable Flats in Zirakpur (Flats between 40 lacs and 50 lacs in Zirakpur)

 If you are looking for 3 BHK flats for sale in Zirakpur, this category of flats has prices ranging from 30 lacs to 40 lacs for a 3 BHK. 

These flats are not located in the busy VIP Road Zirakpur or PR7 (Chandigarh Airport Road), but more towards the exterior parts of Zirakpur, for example, Highland Marg Zirakpur or Sigma City Zirakpur or inner streets of Zirakpur, which are congested and tight.

TPS always suggests that if you dream of buying yourself a dream home, it is always best to buy a residential plot in Zirakpur and then get the construction done. This Plot vs Flat discussion will go on, and we had a separate discussion about it. If you have truly made up your mind about buying an affordable flat in Zirakpur, then you can buy an apartment in Sigma City, Oasis Greens, SS Homes, Green Park Colony, Pavitra Homes, etc. 

The best thing about these flats is that it is the best choice for customers looking for 3 BHK ready to Move in Flats for sale in Zirakpur.

Residential Flat for 50 lacs in Zirakpur

The second category of flats is mid-range 3 BHK flats in Zirakpur. Though most of the apartments in this range are either available on resale in and around Zirakpur or limited options are available. These flats are available in Air Force Highgrounds Road, Highland Marg, VIP Road Zirakpur, Areas around Singhpura, K Area, and some parts of Lohgarh. On resale, one can choose Hollywood Heights, Maya Garden Extensions, Jaipuria Sunrise Greens. 

beverly golf avenue

Hermitage Centralis Zirakpur, Highland Park Zirakpur, Sushma Joynest ZRK and Sushma Grande Nxt have fresh flats available in this category of flats.

These are good construction quality flats in Zirakpur and are good value for money and suitable for a middle-class family looking for their dream home.

Luxury Flats for Sale in Zirakpur

The third category of flats goes beyond ₹60 lacs to one crore. These fall in luxury flats for sale in Zirakpur and are highly priced because of their location, concept and construction quality. Fresh 3 BHK flats for sale are available in Affinity Greens Zirakpur, Uptown Skylla Zirakpur, Hermitage Centralis Zirakpur, Highland Park, SBP GOD Zirakpur, Ananta Lifestyle Zirakpur, Motia’z Harmony Greens Zirakpur, Maxxus Elanza Zirakpur and many more. These flats are available in VIP Road Zirakpur, Highland Marg, and posh PR7 (Chandigarh Airport Road Zirakpur).

beverly golf avenue


Based on your family size, budget, and taste, Zirakpur offers you all types of apartments in the different budget range. Be wise and chose the best that suits you. 

Visit Tricity Property Searches official website for more details on various flats for sale in Tricity.


Q: Where can I find ready to move in flats in Zirakpur in the 50 lacs range?

A: Hollywood Heights Zirakpur, Maya Garden Extension II, Maya Garden Extension III, Hermitage Centralis Zirakpur, Jaipuria Sunrise Greens, Highland Park Zirakpur, Sushma Joynest ZRK, Sushma Grande Nxt.

Q: What are the things one must consider while buying a flat in Zirakpur or Mohali?


Property Price

Land Record.

Location of the Flat.

RERA Approval.

Legal Check of Property.

Flat’s Carpet Area.

Apartment Possession Time.

Financing Banks.

Builder-Buyer Agreement

Q: Where can I find the complete details about all the flats for sale in Zirakpur and Mohali?

A: You can contact a reliable agent locally in these cities or visit Tricity Property Searches’ official website.

Q: How difficult is it to get Home Loan sanctioned for buying a flat?

A: It is very easy if you have all the documentation ready for a home loan. The builders have tie-ups with various nationalised and private banks and approval for them. These projects also help you get the loan sanctioned.

Q: How important is RERA approval for a property?

A: RERA approval is the most important thing that one must look for before buying a flat. 

Ask for the RERA number from the seller. 

Do not invest money in a property where RERA approval is not there.

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