24 Front Main Gate Design Ideas 2021 with Photos

The article will feature the best main gate design patterns. Whether you want a strong iron gate design or strong and shiny steel gate design or space-saving sliding gate design as your main gate design, we have brought all to you.  As you scroll down the article, you will see variety of front gate design ideas discussed with photos.

Before you decide on the best front main gate design for your home, let us understand the importance of installing a main gate.

outdoor front gate design

A gateway or main gate is an entry point to a space that is enclosed by walls. The moving parts of a main gate design can be called “doors” because they are fixed on one side and open and close on the other.

A building can be called your home if it provides security and comfort. You can design it as a private space for you and your family only by installing a compound wall secured by a strong main gate design.

A latch on a main gate might be adjustable to open or close it, and locks are used to enhance security. For bigger buildings, larger front gate designs can be used, such as fortified towns or castles. A good front gate design can also use doors that are used to prevent entry as main gates. Though there are many traditional and modern main front gate design ideas, many gate doors can be opened today by an automated operator.

Apart from using the main gate to prevent or control people from entering or leaving your home or farm, a well thought out front gate design can also give a decorative niche to the opening in the wall or fence rather than the barrier that closed it. 

Why have a Main Gate for your House?

A main gate is essential for all types of properties. It is not only useful for keeping unwanted visitors out, but it also serves many other purposes. Gateways can be used to protect your home from intruders or to withstand weather changes.

School main gate

A main gate not only allows you to enter or exit a house but also provides many more benefits.

Mark Your Property

Main gate marks your territory and stops animals and strangers from entering your property.


You cannot afford to leave your family’s safety at risk. A proper gate reduces the likelihood of intrusion.


An external gate can be installed for privacy and reduce the view of others. A property with a gate expensive.

Visual appeal

A gate design enhances the exterior of your home. It can blend in harmoniously with the rest.

Timber gate design

3 Types of Operating Styles for Main Gate Design

Let us first understand the operating models on which main gate design ideas work.

Swing Gates

The gate door opens in a swinging fashion with hinges attached to walls. These gates are ideal for wide-open areas and are equipped with single or double doors. Main gate design with swinging doors need extra space to maneuver. Some gates can open both ways.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gate design is a great option for homes that have limited space. The gate door moves horizontally along a bottom track and glide on a pair of wheels. The front sliding gate design is great for entryways with uneven ground and also can be seen in large showroom.

Automated Gates

This is an advanced main gate design that requires less manual intervention. You can install sensors and motors to any of main gate design models to get them open or closed automatically. Automotive features go very nicely with sliding gate design.

Importance of a Perfect Front Gate Design

So now the basics of the main gate are clear to us. Let us look at some tips that will help you make the best choice for your money.

Analyze the structure of your house and ask yourself what you expect from a front gate design idea for your home in terms of privacy, looks, security and other things.

Understanding the expectations of your purchase will help you transform your ideas into reality. Make sure you have a budget in place for a front gate design before you go ahead. It will help you decide how much to spend.

Choose the material that best suits your needs. Although wooden gates look great, they are susceptible to being damaged. Metal gates are strong and can go a long distance. Extreme weather conditions may also damage them. Before you choose one material, make sure that the positives and negatives are balanced.
You need to decide on the operating style of your gate. A swing gate is great for large entrances, but sliders work well in congested areas.

The design is just as important as the other elements. Try different front gate design patterns and make sure it is in harmony with the rest.

24 Best Front Main Gate Design Ideas with Images

Automatic Main Gate Design 1

When choosing a front gate design, there are many options available depending on your needs, budget, and expectations. Gates are typically made from different materials such as wood, steel, iron and aluminium. Each one has its pros and cons.

Scroll down to see the best modern and simple main gate images. Hope we succeed in finding you the most suitable main gate design.

Iron Gate Design

Iron gate design is the most common and traditional front gate design. Iron is the strongest material known to man. An iron gate design is a better choice than other metals and wood for your entry point. Iron is not only difficult to cut through but also very durable and easy to maintain. An entry feature with iron gate design is practically impenetrable as iron lends incredible strength to your front gate design. An iron gate design will give you security and iron gates area available in various designer patterns so as to add to the exterior décor of your house.

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Steel Gate Design

Steel gate design is mainly made of steel. Steel is lightweight and anti-corrosive, so it lasts a lot. Steel gate design is installed in your home to provide a quiet and peaceful environment.

The unmatched beauty and elegance of steel adds feather to the steel gate design. The mirror-like shine in steel gate design instantly draws attention to your property. Your home is not made any less secure by this. It is one of the most beautiful front gate design idea for your home, as it keeps curious eyes away and blocks their view.

Aluminium Profile Gates

Aluminium is a lightweight and shiny material, and adding aluminium profile to the front gate design enhances curb appeal and also protects you. Aluminium gates are more like steel gate design pattern but steel gate designs are more shiny reflection to it.

You can make artistic designs from it with just a little creativity. Aluminium gates are easy to maintain and resistant to rust, scratches, or other damage.

An ideal front gate design must not only provide privacy but also look great and add value to your home. Many homeowners prefer aluminium gate over other main gate design materials.

Sliding Gate Design

A sliding gate design is an innovative pattern and it outshines traditional swinging main gate design when it comes to cramped places.  Choosing a sliding gate design is particularly great if you do not have enough space for swing of the gates. Sliding gate design consumes the least amount of space and look stylish as well. A steel gate design with sliding operating model can add awesomeness to your exterior.

Wrought Iron Gate Design

Wrought iron gate design lends you durability.  Wrought iron lends strength to your front gate design and also lends a vintage appeal to the main gate design and to the exteriors of your home. A wrought iron gate design pattern gives you the liberty to choose whether you want a single gate door entrance or a more welcoming and traditional two gate door reception.

Wooden Main Gate Design

Wood is not weak as it’s often believed. It is just as strong and durable as metal. Wooden main gate design for entrances offers high security and safety, in addition to their curb appeal. A wooden front gate design will give your home a luxurious makeover.

Double Gate Design

A front main gate design is ideal when it has an element of warmth and it is welcoming to on your visitors. Double gate is a traditional main gate design.  A double gate design has two equally sized gate doors. Each gate door is attached to the wall using hinges or posts. Half the length of the gate can separate the doors to create a swing distance.

This minimalistic gate door design is perfect for any home. You can operate the main gate with either one or both of its gate doors where a latch secures one gate door to the ground while the other gate door can be kept in motion for swing. This front gate design is suitable for pedestrians and large vehicles.

Wooden Double Gate

This double gate design will replicate the cowboy look in your home if you love the old movies. The product is made from wood and has a rustic look that fits your barn-style idea. The wooden gates are cheaper than the counterparts and grow more beautiful with time.  This is a highly versatile front gate design, which is not only strong but also environment friendly and easy to repair.

Entrance Main Gate Design

Security is the biggest feature of an entrance gate design. Choosing the right main gate design will improve the safety of your home as well as increase the overall curb appeal. An entrance gate adds royalty to your house. Entrance gate design will have a palatial element to it, and generally made with black wrought iron and has gold accents for a grand appearance. As the name suggests entrance gate is installed at the entry point.

Outdoor Front Gate Design

It is a gateway, which typically installs at the entrance or exit points. It serves as your first line of defence and protects you from unwanted entry. This main gate design protects your home from unwanted entry and allows you to have your privacy.

The idea of having an outdoor front gate will leave a lasting impression on visitors. This simple yet elegant main gate design will enhance the beauty of your outdoor space and create a charming effect. This front gate design is made of metal and protects your property without obscuring the view. You can even get an airy feeling with the metal slats.

Front Gate Design with Glass

Though a glass gate design may not be as strong as iron gate or steel gate design, but use of glass on gates can add to the overall décor of your property. Frosted glass used with steel look very graceful.

Also using tempered glass in a small slot in the main gate design can be a great idea. Not only will it look great but also gives you an option of getting a glimpse of outside without actually opening the main gate.

Automatic Main Gate Design

This modern-day marvel will make your home safer than relying on the police or security guards. This sliding gate has an automatic system that detects movement and triggers the motor. It opens wide enough to allow you to pass through and then closes completely by itself. Slightly extra on your pockets, but automatic front gate design lets you have a peaceful sleep without being excessively bothered about intruders. We recommend a steel gate design with automated features in it to take care of both décor and technology.

Security Front Gate Design Ideas

Trespassing is very common in remote areas and unmanned areas. The best thing about security gates is the fact that they are break-proof. The gates are almost impossible to remove and pass through without permission. This main gate design with security features comes with latest technological capabilities and today bigger gated housing societies choose security gates over traditional two gate door entrances because security gates are secure and save manpower.

Front Gate Design Ideas for Farms

If you dream of a house far from the maddening world, in the lap of lush green mother nature, there is a good chance that you will love the delightful farm front gate design. Because of the large open spaces, there are high chances that someone will sneak into your farm. You must protect it by installing a gate and a fence around the perimeter.

You should invest in farm gate designs as your first line of defence for your property. It acts as a barrier and declares that you own the property.

Privacy Front Gate Design

Large homes are more vulnerable to unwanted guests entering your home. You can install an internal gate to keep them in their designated areas. It is a subtle way to tell people that you do not want to be disturbed. You can still enjoy your time alone.

Folding Gate Door Main Gate Design

All properties are not constructed on an ideal piece of land. The structure and slope of your land could be challenging, and that is where this main gate design is just what you want. Folding front gate design saves space, fits well in difficult settings, are easier on maintenance and are faster and secured as they can be automated. This main gate design idea is very futuristic in its design.

Garden Gate Designs

Garden gate design can be most suitable for you if you have a lush green garden in the front of your home.  A garden itself is a closed space, which is dedicated to growing plants and trees.  Garden gate has to be stunning. By securing it with a gate, you can privatize the area. With the unique design and make, a garden gate door can also give subtle hints on what can be expected inside.

The Picket gate is a unique design that creates a magical atmosphere with its concave shape. You can add a niche to the background with a mix of colourful flowers and greenery, which blend well with pure white. It not only gives you a clear view of the shrubbery but also protects you from stray animals such as dogs and cows.

School Main Gate Design

Students and staff consider a school like a second family. It is vital to protect them from any potential disasters. It is therefore mandatory to put in a high-security gate at educational institutions. This idea is both practical and versatile. This design is strong enough to withstand any trauma, internal or external.

Driveway Front Gate Design

Security should always be our top priority. Whether you have a commercial or residential property to mark, it is important to control who can enter your property. Driveway Gate designs are the best way to take control over your property’s security instantly. Due to the price accessibility of driveway gate designs, they have become very popular.

Unlike regular gates, a driveway gate is placed outside of your compound. This gate is made of heavy materials like iron and allows large vehicles to pass through. 

Decorative Iron Front Gate Design

The decorative iron gate design is a combination of beauty and beast.  While the iron lends you protection and designer and elegant look adds to the décor.  These elaborate, designer and elegant-looking gate designs show off your artistic and individuality.

The decorative iron gate design is best for you especially if you own a luxurious mansion or gated bungalow.  These “gates” add a luxurious look to your property.

You can choose an ornamental swing gate for your home, which would add grace to your house apart from securing it.

Side Gate Design

It would help if you also secured any sideways or rear entrances. This side gate is smaller than the main gate but has the same functions. To prevent animals or people from getting in, you can lock it all the time. To access the area, unlock it!

Timber Front Gate Design

Timber is one of the most common types of wood used for gates. Timber is lightweight, easy to find and inexpensive! You can forget about the maintenance of your material for a few decades if you choose a brand that has a special anti-termite or moisture-proof coating. 

Fence Gate Designs

This wooden antique-style gate design is a refreshing alternative to the traditional metal gates. This fence design is a great way to hide your home and attract the attention of people passing by. It brings back memories of the simpler but still sophisticated vintage era. For a neat finish, keep the wall and door homogeneous.

Main Gate Design for Yards

A gate for your side yard can help you secure your home by closing off entry points. The gate is smaller than an entrance door, and it is lighter. 

Industrial Main Gate Design

Commercial spaces like shopping malls, hospitals or offices can house a lot of people. A high-security gate is essential to protect your property from unwanted external threats. This example is a cantilever-style gate. It can be used as a regular gate, and it can also create an authoritative appearance to warn of mischief-makers. Hope the information about main gate designs was helpful. If you enjoyed the article, please share it with your friends. Stay secure and happier at home.

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