50 Glass Door Design Catalogue 2021 | 50+ Photos

The glass door design is one of the admired architectural hallmarks in home improvement. You have the option of choosing steel, wood, or aluminium as a material for your main door design. Still, because of its unique qualities, homemakers turn towards glass as a material for their interior and exterior doors.

A perfect glass door design not only lends your property a futuristic look but also allows for an uninterrupted view inside out, more natural light, and better ventilation. There are many advantages to choosing a glass door design over traditional metal or wooden door design. But before we dwell upon the benefits, let’s see the various glass door options available for you.

Glass Door Design Catalogue 2021 with Photos

There are many styles and designs available for glass doors. You have a great variety of glass door designs and styles to choose from – blurred glass to transparent to sand stormed glass design. Based on their operational mechanisms, here are six glass designs that you can consider for your door.

Sliding Glass Door Design

Sliding glass door design is the most popular choice among home designers. The door sits on a sliding panel in a sliding glass door design, which runs parallel to the walls. If you do not want to compromise on the view and open up the closed spaces, then a sliding glass door design is the most suitable choice. Sliding doors are very affordable and easy to maintain.

Hinged Single Glass Door Design

Hinged doors have been around for a very long time and are the most popular door designs. The hinged doors usually swing inwards or outwards and have two to three hinges along its long vertical edge. You can choose from a variety of modern single glass door design patterns based on your requirement.

Pivoting Glass Door Design

Pivoting glass door design can also be a great choice for you. The pivot doors are swinging doors that can open and close in any direction.

These doors rotate their vertical axis, called a spindle. Although not as common, pivot glass design doors can be a great choice for homeowners looking for uniqueness in their door design and want large interior openings. A Pivot glass door can be an innovative addition to your garden entrance and be installed as a charming and appealing room partition.

Stacking Glass Doors

A stacker door is similar to a sliding door but has smaller panels. The user can control how many panels to open to let the fresh air into the room. A stacking door design works best in longer rooms or a large doorway because the panels need larger space to fit in. Each leaf of the stacking door is installed so that the panels move by the domino effect. These interlocking doors are far superior to the traditional sliding glass designs for weather protection and security.

Bi-fold Glass Design Doors

Bi-folding glass design doors are made of bi-folding glass panels. This glass design can be either framed or unframed. Usually made up of series of door panels, bi-fold doors fold up against the wall on still tracks, thus forming a bigger interior illusion.

French Glass Design Doors

A light construction door with glass panes extending for most of the length of the door. Rather than a single door, French doors are fitted in pairs with one hinge that opens away from the other. Traditionally French door designs would have in-swinging timber frames with multiple glass panels. For flawless changeover between rooms and space, a French glass door design is a wonderful idea.

Advantages of Glass Door Design

Apart from providing beauty and style to the property, glass design has many advantages over the other door types.

  • Uninterrupted View: What is the point of buying a lush property in a scenic location when you cannot have an uninterrupted view of it from inside? Today, home buyers are ready to pay any price for a home with a stunning view. Install a large glass door design and reap the benefits of investing in a picturesque house near a beautiful lake or a lazy coast.
  • Uninterrupted Natural Light: Reduce the cost of artificial lights and stay more connected to nature by letting the natural light come in. A stunning glass design door can do both things for you.
  • Make your Home Look More Spacious: It is architecturally proven that utilizing glass in your interior makes your home or office look spacious and opened up.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Nothing lifts a property’s aesthetic appeal better than glass doors. You can choose from a variety of glass types for your entries. Add an element of elegance to your doors with a decorative piece of work on the glass.
  • Easy Maintenance and Cleaning:  You need to wipe down your glass door with a piece of cloth to get rid of stains or dust deposition on the glass, and that’s it. A glass door is always easier to clean and maintain as compared to the other door designs.
  • Rust-free & Termite-Proof:  Unlike iron and wooden door design, glass doors do not rust, and glass design with aluminium is termite-proof. When exposed to humidity, wood and other metal doors get sagged or corroded, which is never the case with a glass door.

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