90 Jali Design Ideas 2021 with Photo Gallery

Jali design comes from the word “jali”, meaning “net.” Jali is a perforated stone or latticed screen, usually with an ornamental pattern constructed through calligraphy, geometry or natural designs. This form of architectural decoration is common in Indo-Islamic architecture and, more generally, in Islamic architecture.

Jali Design Ideas for your Home 2021 – A Catalogue on Jali Designs for your Home

Having spoken about the history and importance of jali design and the underlying science in jali architecture, let’s see see how you can adapt the jali architecture in your house.

We are trying to bring you the best jali design ideas for the entire corners and walls of your home.

Jali designs are flexible and customizable, and you can get them done as per your requirement to suit your home interior and décor.

Jali Design Ideas for your Home

A perfect jali design can lend a dash of vintage charm to your home. After all, in Ancient India, jali designs have been an integral part of old Indian palaces and Havelis and have served as a perfect foil against the hot weather.

Scroll down for jali design ideas for various locations of your home.

Jali Design Ideas for Main Door

Add an artistic appeal to your main doors. Depending upon your wish, you can keep the jali design at your main door straightforward, or you can have a fine blend of metal and wood as well.

MDF Jali Design for Pooja Room or Mandir

A religious Indian house is never complete with a designated place for God and a pooja room with jali design work. Indian families choose to have mandirs heavily decorated by jali design work because of their sheer elegance. You can think of an MDF jali design for a pooja room or a jali design with shinny golden bars or carved mesh to see-through into the Mandir.

Jali Design for Windows

Windows are a great way to keep your house ventilated, but there can be a security risk through windows. 

Therefore, if we do not want to block the outside view and also want to secure your house from potential invasions, a perfect jali design can be a better idea than, at times, ugly grillwork.

Jali Design for Partition

The most common functionality of jali design is using the movable structures with jali design as a partition. Immovable or movable partitions with jali work do not add embellishing elements to various parts of your home; you can also get rid of old ordinary interior ideas by using jali design for partition in your home.

Jali Work for Wall Decoration

You can get rid of those monotonous sights of your interior walls by adding a great deal of curb appeal to them with various jali design patterns.  

Jali Design for Balcony

A balcony is where you and your family would like to hang out for some free time. If you want to protect your balcony from outside intrusion and still do not want to compromise on the fresh air and sunlight that balconies let in your home, then having a jali design for the balcony is the best idea. You can even add an element of plantation to the jali design on your balcony.

Jali Architecture for Exterior Wall & Front Elevation

Let your house make a statement through the jali work on your home’s front elevation. Find the perfect jali design for your exterior walls and front elevations in the photo gallery above.

MDF Jali Design for False Ceiling

With the use of MDF jali design, you can add a dash of style to your ceiling with various jali design patterns. Be innovative and see how it blends with the light work on your ceiling. Check out some jali design ideas for the ceiling by use in the picture gallery.

MDF Jali Design Black and White

Black and white jali design patterns are getting very popular. You can customise black and white jali designs with the use of black and white marbles also. For MDF jali design, you can use color to paint it black or white.

Jali Designs for Boundary Wall | Compound Wall

Explore the various jali design ideas for your boundary wall in the photo gallery above. Different jali design patterns can be created using bricks and concrete, and you can create fascinating vignettes from either metal wires or sheets along the compound boundary wall.

MDF Jali Design for Bedroom

Your bedroom is your private space, and you would like to add some personal touches to the bedroom décor with a jali design. MDF jali design in plywood is great for ceilings. MDF jali design in plywood is highly recommended as a decorative piece or panel that doesn’t need to be finished. Check our jali design ideas for the bedroom in the photo gallery above.

Jali Patterns for Bed

You can lend an ethnic look to your bed by using the jali design in bed with MDF jali design in plywood and wood.

Jali Concept for Safety Door

Blend the safety with style with these beautiful jali design patterns for your safety door. You can use stainless steel for making a jali design for your safety door.

Jali Pattern for Main Gate

Give your home entrance a grand Mughal palatial look by adding some traditional palace-like jali designs to the main gate. Take a cue from the jali design patterns for the main gate in the photo gallery.  

MDF Jali Design for Kitchen

With MDF jali design, you can give a brand-new look to your kitchen with the above jali design ideas for the kitchen. If you have a living room connected to the kitchen with no interior door or interior wall partition, a movable partition with a jali design can be a great idea.

Jali Work for TV Unit

Check the images in the photo gallery for ideas about the jali design for your TV unit.

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History of Jali Design & Jali Architecture

The history of jali design goes back to 16th Century Mughals and is a beautiful blend of Indian temple architecture with Mughal Architecture. Historically, the front facades in palaces and Havelis would have these jali designs, which served the purpose of ventilation and a partial view of the outside from inside.

Jali design (perforated stone or lattice screen design) in India is the perfect example of how we get inspired by the rich heritage of our ancestors and how we have preserved and carried forward those architectural values in our day-to-day life.

Mughals used baroquely carved marble and other stones to create these jali designs. The marvellous work in the Taj Mahal is the perfect example of that. Mughals used these jali designs in railing, partitions, and skylights.

It is almost surreal to look at a jali design with its intricate details. The screen’s perforations touch a delicate chord with the viewer and stand out against solid concrete structures.

A jali design can be more than just a beautiful sight. The many utilities and functional value they bring to any type, wall or parapet, is the core of jali architecture’s artistry and power.

Beauty of Jali Design & Jali Architecture

  • Air-conditioning Effect of Jali Design:  Jali architecture combines two essential physics principles – the Venturi effect & Bernoulli’s principle. As per the science behind these jali designs, as the air flows through these lattice structures or narrow designs, the airspeed increases and makes the air cooler.
  • Jali Design – A Perfect Privacy Provider: Not only does a jali design on exterior walls blocks the direct sunlight to come in, but it also allows one to see the outside world. 
  • But the people outside cannot see what is happening inside during the daytime.
  • Subtleness and elegance in Jali Design: Jali is a powerful tool that balances concrete walls and open windows. Jali architecture can be characterized by poetic subtlety, grace, poise, and feeling right there but not quite there.
  • Jali Designs are Strong: The first look of jali architecture may be worrying because of the frailty of jalis against solid wind or force; however, jali design has always been traditionally carved with marble or stone and is pretty robust durable.

Materials Used in Jali Patterns

  • MDF Jali Design (Medium Density Fibreboard):  An engineered wood manufactured from wood residuals, fibre, and wax. MDF jali design can be an affordable alternative to wax in your jali design partitions, although MDF is very popular for modern jali designs.
  • Stone: The durable and low-maintenance stone is used for interior décor with jali design.
  • Wood: Although because of its warm essence, sleek and ethnic spirit, wood as a material for jali designs is a great choice, yet wood is a very high maintenance material and needs periodic staining. Wood-plastic composites have become very trendy because of their wooden look and finish, and durability.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel jali partition panels are increasingly becoming popular. Stainless steel not only lends strength and robustness to the design but is also rust-free and durable. Moreover, the glossy shine adds to the curb appeal.
  • Acrylic: For jali design that requires hardness, Acrylic is an affordable choice, which gives a smooth finish to the architecture.
  • PVC Sheets: Perfect for making partitions with a jali design.

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