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  • July 20, 2021


Last Updated On:July 26th, 2021 at 1:17 pm
Property ID:RH-2021-SKS
Property Type:Malls
Price: ₹ 4,341,500
Currency Type:INR (₹)
Property Size:457 Sq Ft

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IT Spaces
Corporate Spaces
Office Spaces
Studio Apartments
Retail Spaces
Food Arena


  • Corporate Spaces
  • Entertainment
  • Food Arena
  • IT Spaces
  • Office spaces
  • Retails Spaces
  • Studio Apartments

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CP 67 Mohali Overview

CP 67 Mohali is the best commercial property for sale located on Mohali International Airport Road (PR7) with more than 1000 feet frontage. The joint venture of Unity Homeland Group, CP67 features high-end retail, offices, and serviced apartments.

The project is RERA approved and houses the most luxurious Mohali hospitality venture and high street retail opportunities similar to those offered by well-known commercial complexes such as Elante and VR Punjab.

CP67 also has a banquet without pillars, which can hold more than 1000 guests. While conceiving the idea of CP67, Homeland Unity Group gave preference to leading architects, financial and services entities, IT and telecom companies and consultancies, and marketing and advertising companies of Chandigarh and Tricity whole.

This unique opportunity offered by CP.67 is most attractive to high-end retailers, corporate houses, high-net-worth individuals, and NRIs.

Arguably CP67 is a commercial property with the best location in Mohali because of its easy accessibility from all parts of the Tricity. This makes it the best commercial property for sale in Mohali.

Both Homeland and the Unity Groups have prioritized creating unique commercial and residential areas, and CP67 is destined to be the best commercial property in Mohali for years to come.

The Homeland Unity Group aims to provide lavishness for the corporate sector and entertainment for the family. One can easily say that CP 67 is the most prominent commercial project on Airport Road Mohali.



CP 67 offers innovative and technically sound ideas to create a better corporate environment for businesses. The corporate space offers ergonomic and modern office furniture, a convenient location for your business, large community meeting rooms, and a professional environment.

Unity Homeland Group aims to provide the best services to corporate clients by implementing this strategy. Keeping this in mind, CP67 has a business lounge and smaller break-time areas and provides proper office cleaning and maintenance and premium dining services to make your experience even better.

Unity Homeland Group is determined to make CP 67 the best mall in Mohali and Chandigarh and the best location for corporates in Tricity.

CP67 gives you exclusive access to top brands that are settled in its corporate hub.



Unity Homeland Group is destined to make CP 67 India’s best entertainment destination and make your cinematic experience truly memorable, and the Group has roped in PVR. CP 67 has ensured to bring a new package of entertainment to consumers that Mohali has never experienced.

You can also enjoy the excellent restaurants and other hospitality services available with your family and friends.



The food arena in CP67 is most comfortably located and sprawls over a large part of CP 67.

A food hub can also be a place for connecting, where ideas are exchanged, and understanding is enhanced between the corporate worlds. The eating zones in CP67 are just not places to have food. CP67 has also designed them, keeping in mind your breaks from the job.

This environment allows you to relax and take some time away from your workday and provides an opportunity to interact with new people and strengthen your network.

Informal meetings in a relaxed setting encourage creativity and help employees discover new ideas or find potential synergies.



Businesses can take advantage of technology’s advancements and get established in infrastructure, services, and facilities. It is essential to efficiently manage IT space for companies to get off to a strong start.

Mohali is a great place to live, work, or study. CP67 is a well-respected company with a wide range of businesses, including those in the corporate sector and education.

Companies can optimize their workspace productivity and customize their office space easily if they are well-designed. For long-term purposes, many organizations have designated their establishments as part of CP 67.

Clients can access IT services easily because of the meticulous attention given to every detail. It is one of the most admired commercial properties in Punjab. We provide cutting-edge telecommunications, emergency & maintenance services.



Located near International Airport, CP 67 offers office space built to international standards and equipped with all modern facilities.

Unity Group is known for unique projects, high-quality amenities, and architectural brilliance. They offer affordable and best office spaces in Mohali. Office spaces at CP 67 are ideal for professional use and can be leased or purchased, and this makes it the best office space for rent in Mohali.



It is a constant quest and persistent commitment at CP 67 to make sure that retail spaces and people worldwide feel genuinely enriched. We make sure that your experience is rewarding.

CP67 is offering retail spaces that can accommodate and improve efficiency for its daily ride of ambition-driven growth and purpose. 

A nurturing environment is the critical component of healthy self-esteem. It must provide unconditional love, warmth, and care. It must be able to see that others are worthy of being nurtured, reinforced, and rewarded.



Everything is essential when planning for a startup. You can choose to have studios or an office, depending on your preferred space. You have the option to choose! Studio apartments are designed to be the best for you and your business.

Studio apartments in CP67 provide a luxurious lifestyle while still meeting your daily needs. Studio apartments are designed to accommodate today’s lifestyle and include every little detail.

A studio apartment in CP67 offers a flexible commercial solution that creates value for clients and investors. The studio apartments are elegantly decorated with royal touches and guarantee you complete satisfaction in terms of the quality of the facilities and the services provided. All this and more makes CP67 the top commercial property for sale in Mohali.



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