Sankranthi Muggulu | Chukkala Muggulu with Dots 2022 – Design #15

Sankranthi Muggulu, Chukkala Muggulu, Muggulu with Dots, Pongal Kolam

Featured in the article is the Sankranthi Muggulu design as shown in the image below. Sankranthi Muggulu is also called Chukkala Muggulu and Pongal Kolam in Southern India.

See the Sankranthi Chukkala Muggulu / Pongal Kolam blelow and we will draw this with 5 to 3 dots.

Once you have decided the surface on which you will draw the Muggulu design, start creating the design in a step-by-step process as described below with images.

Making 5-3 dots for Sankranthi Muggulu | Chukkala Muggulu | Pongal Kolam

After you have decided the surface to draw your Sankranthi Muggulu, draw the rangoli dot grid as shown in the images below. Draw 5 horizontal dots and follow it with drawing another 4 horizontal dots above and below the 5 dots.  To complete the rangoli dot grid, make another 3 dots each above and below the 4 dots as shown in the images below.

Steps 1 to 17: Sankranthi Muggulu | Chukkala Muggulu with Dots | Pongal Kolam

Now that our rangoli dots are ready, we will start drawing the outline of our Sankranthi Muggulu around it.  We will start connecting the dots with lines and curves to give shape to your Sankranthi Muggulu.  After Step 11, you can start colouring the stem and the leaves with blue and green colour wood husk or rangoli colour.  You can also choose any other colour combination of your choice. At step 17 of your Sankranthi Muggulu Design you will notice that the Chukkala Muggulu is starting to take shape.

Steps 18 to 37: Outline the central part of the Chukkala Muggulu

Start connecting the remaining dots with curved lines starting with step 18 until step 25, and then you a combination of red and white colour to fill up the outlines of the Sankranthi Pot.  From step 31 onwards decorate the pot with some more lines, curves and dots as shown in step 37.

Steps 38 to 50: Pongal Kolam | Chukkala Muggulu

At step 38, we will start by designing the fire place under the pot for this Pongal Kolam.  By Step 46 you can see the pot is sitting nicely on the wooden sticks and also the flames are visible.  With the use of yellow colour we will make the fire look more realistic.  From steps 47 to 50, draw a few decorative curved lines as shown in the images.

Step 51 to 61: Finishing the Sankranthi Muggulu | Chukkala Muggulu | Pongal Kolam

Now we are at the final stages of Sankranthi Chukkala Muggulu, also called Pongal Kolam.  Start by making the outline for Sun God.  Pongal is also celebrated as a mark of thanksgiving to Sun God; therefore, adding a rising sun to this Pongal Kolam design is very symbolic.  Colour the rest of the design as shown in steps 53 to 61, and your Pongal Kolam (Sankranthi Muggulu) is ready.

Final Design: Sankranthi | Chukkala Muggulu | Pongal Kolam

Congratulations for doing such a nice job.  Hope you enjoyed the article.  Do not forget to check other small and simple rangoli designs on our website.

How to make rangoli coloured powder at home?

You can either buy readymade rangoli powder from the market or you can make it on your own.  Traditionally women used household items from the kitchen to make rangoli/muggulu/kolam designs.  Using household items, such as rice flour powder, haldi, Kumkum, gulal, spices, grains, for rangoli designing is considered auspicious.

You can use either the rice flour or salt to make the rangoli coloured powder.  Take rice flour or salt in a container with lid.  Add food colour and vinegar to it.  Cover the container with lid and shake it well until the blend gets mixed up well. Finally spread the mixture on a clean cloth or a newspaper and let it dry.

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