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10 Bathroom Tile Ideas



Subway Tiles

Classic and versatile, subway tiles are a timeless choice for bathroom walls and showers. Choose white tiles for a clean and fresh look, or add a pop of color with colored grout or accent tiles.


Hexagonal Tiles

Add visual interest with hexagonal tiles, which come in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials. Create a striking floor pattern or use hex tiles as a backsplash for a modern and geometric look.


Mosaic Tiles

Create intricate patterns and designs with mosaic tiles, which are available in glass, ceramic, and stone materials.


Marble Tiles

Elevate your bathroom with luxurious marble tiles, known for their timeless elegance and natural beauty.


Patterned Tiles

Make a statement with patterned tiles featuring bold colors, geometric shapes, or intricate designs.


Wood-Look Tiles

Achieve the warmth and beauty of wood flooring with durable and water-resistant wood-look tiles.


Terrazzo Tiles

Embrace the retro-chic trend with terrazzo tiles, which feature colorful specks of marble, quartz, or glass embedded in a cement or resin base.


Herringbone Tiles

Create a classic and sophisticated look with herringbone tiles arranged in a zigzag pattern.


Fish Scale Tiles

Add a whimsical and organic touch to your bathroom with fish scale tiles, also known as mermaid or scallop tiles.


Concrete Tiles

Embrace industrial chic style with concrete tiles, which offer a modern and minimalist aesthetic.


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