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10 Best DIY Art For Home Decor.



You can use old embroidery rings to create dream catchers for your bedroom.

You can recycle things that are available at home. Home DIY should cost nothing.

You can make baskets out of bamboo. It gives a lot of texture to the room.

By using paper mache, you can make wonderful sculptures, birdhouses, and many other things.

Mingle of yarn and wood is the best idea for wall decor.

Flaunt a wicker basket for a phenomenal feature wall. It will be easily replaced when the look becomes trash.

You can make simple canvas paintings in primary colors to bring vibrance to a boring space.

Instead of buying a new sofa, you can buy a simple slipcover to give your space a new look.

You can creatively decorate wooden serving trays or breadboards and make nameplates to be displayed in and around the home.

Collect your favorite photos, and you can pin them on a board. It will add a familiar touch to any room.

Go for the basket wall art.

Make a kitchen spoon wall display.

You can even build a chalk paint wall calender.

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