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10 Blue Bedroom Ideas For a Refreshing Space



Use simple deep blue color for your bedroom, and add simple furniture and white sheets on the bed.

Image Source : magicbricks

Add deep blue color to the walls and white color to the ceiling, which will make your room look bigger.

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Choose a bold blue velvet head for the bed, and add a cute wallpaper coordinating with the bed.

Image Source : realhomes

A fun contrast of pink and blue color. Paint blue color on the walls and add pink furniture or mix pink and blue cushions on the bed.

Image Source : magicbricks

Make an all-white scheme and add blue-colored bedsheets, which will give a lovely blue bedroom look to your room.

Image Source : bhg

Select the correct tones of yellow and blue color that are not to an excessive degree. Also, pick the same color-designed bedsheets and pillows or a white bedsheet.

Image Source : thespruce

Paint your walls white and do wooden flooring and paint the floor white too. Embrace the room with blue accessories, which will create a beachy aura.

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The mural design is the famous thing about decorating with blue. Select a mural design wallpaper and coordinate it with bold blue sheets and pillows.

Image Source : elledecor

Merge blue and black colors for an exciting look. Add green plants and a lovely walnut wood texture. This will make you embrace a dark cozy feeling.

Image Source : Pinterest

For a refreshing bedroom, paint the walls with sky blue color and a white ceiling. Don't forget to add simple and light furniture.

Image Source : home-designing

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