10 Country Kitchen Ideas


Farmhouse Sink

Install a farmhouse-style sink to add a rustic touch to your kitchen.


Open Shelving

Incorporate open shelving into your kitchen design to display rustic dishes, mason jars filled with pantry staples, and vintage kitchenware.


Butcher Block Countertops

Opt for butcher block countertops to bring warmth and texture to your kitchen.


Vintage Lighting

Choose vintage-style lighting fixtures such as pendant lights with metal or glass shades, or wrought iron chandeliers, to illuminate your country kitchen.


Barn Door Pantry

Replace traditional pantry doors with sliding barn doors to create a focal point and enhance the country charm of your kitchen.


If your kitchen has high ceilings, consider adding exposed wooden beams for a rustic, farmhouse-inspired look.


Wooden Beams

Vintage Appliances

Incorporate vintage-style appliances, such as a retro-inspired range or refrigerator, to evoke a nostalgic country vibe in your kitchen.


Natural Materials

Embrace natural materials like wood, stone, and brick in your country kitchen design. Use reclaimed wood for cabinetry or flooring, incorporate stone or brick accents.


Farmhouse Table

Include a farmhouse-style dining table in your kitchen to serve as a gathering spot for family and friends.


Cozy Nook

Create a cozy seating area or breakfast nook in your country kitchen by adding a built-in bench with plump cushions, a rustic wooden table, and a mix of throw pillows.


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