10 Easter Escape Room Ideas


Easter Egg Hunt Mystery 

Participants must solve a series of clues to locate hidden Easter eggs throughout the room. Each egg contains a puzzle piece or clue leading to the next location until they unlock the final mystery.


Bunny Burrow Breakout

Players find themselves trapped in a bunny burrow-themed room and must decipher clues related to Easter traditions and folklore to escape before time runs out.


Eggcellent Heist

A valuable golden egg has been stolen, and players must follow a trail of clues left by the mischievous Easter Bunny to recover it before it's too late. The clues lead them through various challenges and puzzles to uncover the culprit.


Springtime Spectacle

Transport players to a whimsical spring garden filled with Easter-themed decorations and hidden clues. They must solve puzzles related to flowers, bunnies, and eggs to unlock the door to freedom.


Peter Cottontail's Puzzle Palace

Participants enter a room decorated as Peter Cottontail's workshop and must solve puzzles related to Easter traditions, such as dyeing eggs, making baskets, and baking treats.


Easter Island Escape

Set on a fictional Easter Island, players must decipher ancient symbols and solve riddles left behind by the island's mysterious inhabitants to unlock the secret of the island and escape.


Chickens on the Loose

Players find themselves trapped in a coop filled with mischievous chickens who have hidden the key to their escape. They must outsmart the chickens by solving puzzles and gathering clues hidden among the chaos.


Easter Bunny's Challenge

The Easter Bunny has set up a series of challenges for participants to complete before they can earn their freedom. From hopping through an obstacle course to solving riddles, players must prove they're worthy of their Easter treats.


Eggstravaganza Escape

Players are transported to a festive Easter carnival filled with games and attractions. To escape, they must win tickets by solving puzzles and completing challenges at each booth until they have enough to buy their way out.


Hunt for the Golden Carrot

In this adventure, players must embark on a scavenger hunt to find the legendary Golden Carrot hidden somewhere in the room. Along the way, they encounter obstacles and puzzles that test their problem-solving skills and teamwork.


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