10 Fresh Kitchen Layout Ideas


Open Concept Kitchen

Create a spacious and inviting feel by removing walls to merge the kitchen with the living or dining area, perfect for entertaining.


Galley Kitchen

Maximize space efficiency with a galley layout featuring parallel countertops and ample storage along both walls.


L-Shaped Kitchen

Utilize corner space effectively with an L-shaped layout, providing plenty of countertop space and room for a cozy breakfast nook.


U-Shaped Kitchen

Optimize functionality and workflow with a U-shaped layout, offering plenty of storage and workspace along three walls.


Island Kitchen

Enhance both style and functionality by adding a central island to your kitchen layout, perfect for meal prep, casual dining, and socializing.


Peninsula Kitchen

Enjoy the benefits of an island-style layout with added space efficiency by incorporating a peninsula extending from one wall.


Single-Wall Kitchen

Ideal for smaller spaces, a single-wall layout features all appliances and storage along one wall, maximizing efficiency without sacrificing style.


Two-Island Kitchen

If space allows, consider a luxurious two-island layout for added storage, prep space, and a stunning focal point in your kitchen design.


L-Shaped with Island

Combine the benefits of an L-shaped layout with the added functionality of an island for a versatile and stylish kitchen design.


Compact Kitchenette

Perfect for studio apartments or guesthouses, a compact kitchenette layout includes essential appliances and storage in a space-saving design.


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