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10 Garden Edging Ideas



Brick Edging

Create a classic and durable border using bricks laid vertically or horizontally along the edge of your garden beds.


Wooden Log Edging

Give your garden a rustic look with wooden log edging, using logs or sleepers placed vertically or horizontally to define the borders.


Metal Landscape Edging

Opt for sleek and modern metal landscape edging to create clean lines and separate different areas of your garden.


Stone Border

Use natural stones or pavers to edge your garden beds, adding texture and charm while providing a sturdy barrier between grass and plants.


Terracotta Tile Edging

Add a touch of Mediterranean flair with terracotta tiles laid horizontally along the edge of your garden beds.


Concrete Curbing

Install concrete curbing to create a permanent and low-maintenance border that can be customized to fit any garden shape or size.


Bamboo Edging

Embrace a tropical vibe with bamboo garden edging, which is eco-friendly, lightweight, and adds a unique touch to your outdoor space.


Plastic Landscape Edging

Opt for affordable and easy-to-install plastic landscape edging, available in various colors and styles to suit your garden aesthetic.


Railroad Tie Edging

Achieve a rustic and industrial look with railroad tie edging, repurposing old railroad ties to create a durable and weather-resistant border.


Hedge Edging

Create a seamless transition between your lawn and garden beds by planting low-growing hedges like boxwood or lavender along the edge.


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