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10 Garden Water-Saving Tips



You can put water butt in your garden to collect rainwater. It will help reduce your water bill.

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Put a layer of mulch in between the veg plot, and it will reduce evaporation and keep the roots moist.

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You can mix water-retaining crystals in potting mix to save garden water.

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Stop water runoff by making a moat around your plant. It will keep the water protected from being taken away by weeds.

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Save kitchen water and use the water left over from dishes and hand washing for your plants.

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Do not waste water on mature shrubs and established trees, as they are drought-proof.

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Using a multi-spray head will control the water flow and only let water out when in use.

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Water your garden in the evening or in the morning because watering plants in the heat of the day are of no use due to evaporation.

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You can plant flowers that need less water, like palms, lavender, and mimosa.

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Use your fish tank's nitrogen and phosphorous-rich water on your plants.

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Consider using an adjustable sprinkler.

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Install a drip irrigation system in your garden to save water.

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Place some dining room table lamps to create a visual separation.

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