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10 Grey Tile Ideas For Bathroom



Pair small grey tiles with white for a more elegant look.

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Choose patterned tiles in grey color. They look exquisite in a bathroom.

Image Source : kajariaceramics

You can even choose mini marble grey tiles. Install them on your bathroom’s wall to make it look more intimate.

Image Source : goodhousekeeping

Opting for textured grey tiles will make your bathroom appear contemporary with a sleek look.

Image Source : evolveindia

There are several white tiles having a splash of grey available in the market. You can choose them for your bathroom.

Image Source : hrjohnsonindia

Add a pop of color to your bathroom by choosing a combination of grey and lime tiles.

Image Source : thespruce

Cover the entire walls of your bathroom with grey tiles.

Image Source : eathappyproject

Consider choosing star-shaped grey tiles for your bathroom.

Image Source : insider

Create a striped pattern in your bathroom with grey tiles. You can combine them with white colored tiles.

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Install grey tiles only in the area that you wish to highlight in your bathroom.

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