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10 Kitchen island back panel ideas

You can choose a midcentury modern kitchen. Your kitchen island should have clean lines and a gleaming countertop.

Image Source : mydomaine

Let your kitchen island be of natural stone and warm wood. Choose light colors that match the scheme of your entire kitchen.

Image Source : housebeautiful

You can build a modern kitchen island with a back panel of faux cabinet doors.

Image Source : kitcheninfinity

Besides having faux cabinets, you can also choose sliding doors for your kitchen island’s back panel.

Image Source : magicbricks

It would look great and aesthetic if you have a kitchen island back panel that matches your kitchen’s flooring.

Image Source : designcafe

Incorporating tiles of pretty patterns would look decorative on your kitchen island's back panel.

Image Source : realhomes

No matter the color scheme of your kitchen, you can always choose to go all-black with the island’s back panel.

Image Source : idealhome

You can also revamp your island’s back panel with wooden planks and paint them white.

Image Source : houseandhome

Furnishing it with plywood is an easy and cheap way to make your kitchen island back panel look great.

Image Source : homelane

Shiplap will allow you to bring a more farmhouse-like look into your kitchen.

Image Source : southernliving

Or, you could simply install flat panels to make your kitchen island back panel look minimal.

Image Source : laurysenkitchens

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