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10 Open Shelving Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger



Make your existing kitchen cabinets look bigger. You can turn your upper cabinets into open shelves.

Opt for glass shelving with accurate lighting.

Consider building sleek and stylish open shelves in your kitchen.

You can build open shelves with wood and metal. You can place your glass containers on such open shelves.

If you want your open kitchen shelves to look stylish, you can opt for open-corner shelves.

Opt for light wood shelves in your modern kitchen. To complement the look, you can opt to color your kitchen cabinets with two tones.

Go for your modern and open rustic kitchen shelves.

For a minimalist approach, open shelving with a single live-edge wood shelf.

Give your open cabinet and shelves a good makeover with your favorite paint.

Make open shelves in your kitchen easily accessible.

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