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10 Room Divider Ideas That Are Innovative


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Go with a simple screen to create a division between two rooms.

Build your own DIY room divider.

If you want to create a division between your sleeping and studying areas in your bedroom, you can use a bookshelf.

If you have an already existing room divider, you can consider painting it with vibrant colors to make it eye-catchy.

Opt for a light filtering divider to allow natural light into your room.

Consider using a room divider that is made from rustic materials to give it a more natural look.

Add an acoustic screen that serves as a perfect room divider for your place.

Instead of putting up a screen, you can also use curtains as a room divider.

Use wooden beams for the purpose of creating a division in your room.

Finally, you can even install glass doors as the perfect room dividers.

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