10 Smart Over the Toilet Storage Ideas

By Azhar

This setup shows how flexible ladders can be. Feel at ease with hooking a hanging storage unit over one of the steps to enhance its storage capabilities.

#1 Lean a Lovely Ladder

The effect is gorgeous when you stain them dark and then put white towels, toilet paper, cotton balls, Q-tips, and lotions on the shelves. This set of DIY shelves is incredibly easy to build.

#2 DIY Shelves for Toilet Storage Ideas

The basket in this bathroom is utilized as a toilet paper holder, and simply placing shelves above it is a great finishing touch to the wall.

#3 Basket & Shelf Toilet Storage Ideas

Finding a place to store extra toilet paper can be difficult until you come across this clever solution. A wire bin that hangs above your toilet will make it easier for guests and family members to locate TP in a flash.

#4 Hang a Wire Bin

Are you looking for a minimalist style? Pick a simple glass shelf that can do what it is supposed to do without overwhelming space in terms of visual or physical space.

#5 Go Glassy

Do you not love the idea of crates? There are so many uses of them when it comes to storage, and they can add an incredible charm and character to your home

#6 Toilet Storage Crates

If you’re a minimalist and don’t have abundant storage space for baskets and bins, it is possible to use the area above your toilet for additional decorative uses.

#7 Keep It Simple

It’s great for hiding things that aren’t in the most attractive packaging or for hiding away medications and other necessities which you’d like to keep secret.

#8 Cabinet with a door

Make your space a little more fun by putting up a circular shelf. This is a great option for small trinkets, such as candles, makeup, and other small-sized essentials.

#9 Get Circular

If you’re creating the toilet from scratch, we would like to suggest the idea of a shelf that is built behind the toilet right from the beginning, like the one above.

#10 Include a Built-In

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10 Smart Over the Toilet Storage Ideas

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