10 Trendy Bathroom Tile Ideas


Subway Tiles:

Create a timeless look with classic subway tiles in various colors and patterns, such as herringbone or stacked bond, for a modern twist.


Geometric Patterns:

Add visual interest with geometric patterned tiles, like hexagon or chevron, to create a bold statement in the bathroom.


Marble Effect:

Achieve a luxurious aesthetic with marble-effect tiles that mimic the natural beauty of marble without the maintenance.


Moroccan Tiles:

Infuse exotic flair into the bathroom with vibrant and intricate Moroccan tiles, featuring colorful geometric designs and intricate patterns.


Matte Finishes:

Embrace the trend of matte finishes for a sleek and sophisticated look, offering a modern alternative to traditional glossy tiles.


Wood-Look Tiles:

Bring the warmth and texture of wood into the bathroom with wood-look tiles that offer durability and easy maintenance.


Terrazzo Tiles:

Add a touch of retro charm with terrazzo tiles, featuring speckled patterns and a variety of colors for a playful yet sophisticated vibe.


Large Format Tiles:

Opt for large format tiles to create a seamless and spacious look in the bathroom, reducing the number of grout lines for a clean and contemporary aesthetic.


Mosaic Tiles:

Create intricate and eye-catching designs with mosaic tiles, available in a wide range of materials, colors, and patterns to suit any style.


Subway Tile Alternatives:

Explore alternative shapes and sizes to traditional subway tiles, such as elongated rectangles or beveled edges, for a fresh and modern take on a classic look.


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