White Lightning

10 White Living Room Ideas That Are Simple Yet Elegant



Opt for a black and white living room.

Image Source : thespruce

Place a black couch in your living room instead of painting the walls black.

Image Source : apartmenttherapy

Use furniture of lighter shade in your dark living room.

Image Source : elledecor

Use black to highlight the architectural features of your living room.

Image Source : home-designing

Paint a black feature wall in your living room.

Image Source : homedesignlover

Use lesser materials in your living room to make it look brighter and airy.

Image Source : architecturaldigest

Decorate your existing living room with black art frames or sculptural pieces.

Image Source : realhomes

Place accent furniture in your living room.

Image Source : bhg

Decorate your black living room with oversized mirrors.

Image Source : mirroroutlet

Finally, layer up your black living room to make it cozy.

Image Source : Pinterest

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