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12 Clever Ways to Use Furniture for Living Room Storage


Living room

Although dressers are found in bedrooms, they can also be used as storage furniture in living spaces.


To create a home office that doubles up as storage, tuck a desk in the corner of your living area.


A coffee table's surface is functional, but a tiered design can make it even more helpful.

Tiered Coffee Table

Console tables can be stylish storage furniture and have a slim profile, allowing easy sliding against walls or behind sofas.

Console Table

For traditional or formal living rooms, hutches, pie safes, and cabinets are timeless storage furniture options.

Storage Hutch

A bar cart with a total stock can be a great addition to your living space and make it easy to host guests.

Bar Cart

A console cabinet is an essential piece for open-plan living spaces. The console cabinet is slightly larger than the console table.

Console Cabinet

A storage bench combines two functions in one. The cushion at the top can be used as a seat, and the cubbies below can hold books etc.

Storage Bench

To give your living space a more architectural appearance and an organized appearance, invest in built-ins.

Built-In Shelves

Nesting tables are usually found in groups of two or three and can be stacked together.

Nesting Tables

Ottomans come in many styles and sizes and can be used as storage furniture. A lid that lifts out to reveal a large storage area is a good option.

Storage Ottoman

A shelving unit can be a focal point in your living space and help you store and display your goods.

Shelving Unit

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