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12 Inspiring Terrace Garden Design Ideas for a Stunning Outdoor Oasis



Vertical Garden

Create a lush green wall of plants by using vertical planters, trellises or even hanging planters.

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Herb Garden

Grow your own herbs in your terrace garden for a fresh supply of herbs for your cooking needs.

Water Feature

Add a calming water feature to your terrace garden for a soothing ambiance and a touch of nature.

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Mini Orchard

Grow fruit trees in pots for a mini orchard on your terrace.

Relaxation Spot

Create a cozy seating area with comfortable chairs, a small table, and some soft lighting for a relaxing spot to enjoy your garden.

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Rooftop Farming

Take your terrace garden to the next level by growing fruits and vegetables in raised beds or planters.

Succulent Garden

Add a low maintenance touch of greenery to your terrace garden with a collection of succulents.

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Zen Garden

Create a serene Japanese-inspired garden with rocks, sand, and carefully placed plants.

Garden Shed

Use a garden shed to store your tools, pots, and gardening equipment.

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Artificial Turf

Add a low maintenance green space to your terrace with artificial turf.

Container Garden

Use colorful containers to add pops of color to your terrace garden and easily move plants around.

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Add some ambiance to your terrace garden with strategically placed lighting, such as fairy lights or lanterns.

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