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12 Mistakes You're Making With Your Living Room Décor



Avoid these 12 mistakes and create a stunning living room that's both beautiful and practical.

Choosing the wrong size rug

A rug that's too small can make your furniture look disjointed and awkward.


Hanging artwork too high

Don't overlook eye-level art placement - it can make all the difference in your living room decor.


Pushing all your furniture against the walls

Pulling furniture away from the walls can create a more cozy and intimate seating arrangement.


Ignoring lighting

Lighting can make or break a room's atmosphere. Make sure to incorporate different types of lighting, such as overhead lighting, table lamps, and floor lamps.


Cluttered shelves

Shelves that are too cluttered can make a room feel chaotic and overwhelming. Edit down your décor items and give each item some breathing room


Not considering traffic flow

Make sure there's enough space for people to walk through your living room without feeling cramped or blocked.


Choosing the wrong scale furniture

Furniture that's too big or too small for your space can throw off the room's balance.


Ignoring color coordination

A cohesive color scheme can tie your living room together and make it feel more polished.


Forgetting about textures

Different textures, such as plush throws and woven baskets, can add depth and interest to your living room.


Not incorporating plants

Add life and energy to your living room with greenery: Don't make the mistake of not incorporating plants!


Overlooking the power of accent pillows

Accent pillows are an easy and affordable way to update the look of your living room.


Choosing form over function

While aesthetics are important, it's essential to prioritize comfort and functionality in your living room design.


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