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12 Must-Have Vastu Paintings for Your Home



The Sun (Surya)

Harness the positive energy of the Sun with Vastu paintings depicting its vibrant and powerful presence.


Image Source : meesho

The Moon (Chandra)

Invite tranquility and emotional balance into your home with Vastu paintings depicting the serene Moon.


Image Source : Pinterest

Lord Ganesha

Remove obstacles and attract prosperity by placing Vastu paintings of Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.


Image Source : Pinterest

Goddess Lakshmi

Attract wealth and abundance by adorning your walls with Vastu paintings of Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity.


Image Source : printmyspace

Lord Krishna

Infuse love, harmony, and spiritual energy into your home with Vastu paintings of Lord Krishna, the divine lover.


Image Source : Pinterest

Lord Buddha

Create a serene and peaceful ambiance by incorporating Vastu paintings of Lord Buddha, the symbol of enlightenment.


Image Source : Pinterest

The Tree of Life

Enhance the flow of positive energy and promote growth and stability with Vastu paintings depicting the Tree of Life.


Image Source : woodenstreet

Water Element

Invoke calmness and purity with Vastu paintings representing water elements like rivers, lakes, or waterfalls.


Image Source : samoffthewall

Nature and Landscapes

Connect with nature's energy by displaying Vastu paintings of landscapes, forests, or serene natural scenes in your home.


Image Source : Pinterest

Peacock Symbolism

Embrace beauty and positivity with Vastu paintings featuring peacocks, a symbol of grace, prosperity, and good luck.


Image Source : Pinterest

Geometric Patterns

Energize your space with Vastu paintings showcasing vibrant and auspicious geometric patterns for harmony and balance.


Image Source : nipponpaint


Experience the power of sacred geometry with Vastu paintings of Yantras, representing cosmic energy and spiritual harmony.


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