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Unlock Financial Prosperity with 12 Proven Vastu Tips for Money


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Keep the north direction in your home clutter-free and well-lit to attract wealth and prosperity.

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Place a water fountain in the northeast direction of your home or workplace to encourage the flow of positive energy.

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Keep your cash and valuables in a safe or drawer placed in the southwest corner of your room.

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Avoid keeping plants in the northeast direction of your home or workplace as they can obstruct the flow of positive energy.

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Ensure that there are no leaking faucets or pipes in your home, as they can represent a loss of wealth.

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Keep the entrance to your home clean and well-maintained to invite good fortune and prosperity.

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Place a statue of Lord Kuber, the Hindu god of wealth, in the northeast direction of your home or workplace.

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Avoid placing mirrors in your bedroom, especially facing the bed, as they can reflect negative energy.

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Hang wind chimes in the north or northwest direction of your home to promote financial prosperity.

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Ensure that your work desk is clean and organized to promote focus and success in your career.

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Keep your kitchen well-ventilated and free of clutter to encourage abundance and prosperity.

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Hang a crystal in your home or workplace to promote positive energy and financial prosperity.

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By following these 12 proven Vastu tips for money, you can invite abundance and prosperity into your life. Try them out and see the positive changes they bring to your financial situation!

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