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12 Tiny Apartment Balcony Ideas



Vertical garden

Create a lush and green space by using hanging planters or installing a vertical garden wall.

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Foldable furniture

Choose foldable furniture pieces like chairs and tables that can easily be stored away when not in use.

Outdoor rug

Add a cozy touch to your balcony with an outdoor rug that can withstand the elements.

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Add a touch of warmth and ambiance with outdoor lighting. String lights or solar-powered lights are great options.

Balcony garden

Grow your own vegetables, herbs, or flowers on your balcony using containers or planters.

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Seating area

Create a cozy seating area with comfortable chairs or a small sofa.

Hanging hammock

Install a hanging hammock or chair for a relaxing and cozy retreat.

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Privacy screen

Create a private outdoor space with a privacy screen made of bamboo or other natural materials.

Window boxes

Add color and greenery to your balcony with window boxes filled with flowers and plants.

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Outdoor art

Add a personal touch to your balcony with outdoor art pieces like sculptures or wall hangings.


If your building permits it, a small portable barbecue can be a great addition to your balcony.

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Hanging storage

Utilize the space on your balcony with hanging storage solutions like hooks, baskets, or shelves for plants, décor, and more.

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