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12 Unknown Small Apartment Living Room Ideas



These color tones will help to recede the furniture and other features and appear to take up less space.

#1 Use a Monochromatic Color Scheme

Storage and sitting are certainly necessary when coming up with small apartment living room ideas but instead of a sofa, you could opt for two comfortable armchairs.

#2 Decide What Functional Furniture You Require

It’s important to layer the heights of your lighting when actualizing new apartment small living room ideas. Make sure you have a pendant light overhead with a dimmable control in the living room.

#3 Layer Your lighting

Use textures and patterns, such as rugs and ottomans, to add visual interest to the area without crowding it.

#4 Organic Design Inspired by Nature

The key is to use bright colors on a light, neutral backdrop. The walls, couch, area rug, and even the side table serve as a blank canvas for adding patterns and colors.

#5 Chic and Eclectic colors

To create the appearance of height in a modern apartment small living room ideas, paint low ceilings bright white or a lighter tone of the same hue as the walls

#6 Use the Same Color Palette for Cozy Apartment Living Room Ideas

A glass coffee table will give the room an impression of greater air and space. Because light bounces off of glass furniture and glossy surfaces

#7 Use Scale to Play With the Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

A large, well-placed bookshelf can serve as a type of temporary barrier between your living and sleeping areas.

#8 Use Bookshelves and Rugs

Use small apartment living room ideas like choosing furniture with varied heights and depths, such as sofas or recliners.

#9 Make Use of a Range of Heights and Depths

Small works of art will allow your walls to breathe, giving them the appearance of being much larger than they are.

#10 Explore Small Works of Art

Raising that furniture off the floor and floating it just a few inches above the ground gives the illusion of extra space.

#11 Wall Mount Your Furniture Pieces

Decluttering is always a great option when creating cozy apartment living room ideas.

#12 Go the Minimalist Way