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12 Vastu tips to keep in mind when planning a home makeover



Harmony and Energy: Unlock the Power of Vastu in Your Home Makeover!

Optimal Entrance Location

Choose the right direction and position for your home's entrance to invite positive energy and good fortune.


Harmonious Living Space

Arrange furniture and decor in a way that promotes comfort, relaxation, and positive social interactions.


Ideal Bedroom Placement

Discover the best location in your home for bedrooms to ensure restful sleep and peaceful ambiance.


Positioning the Bed

Learn how to position your bed for maximum comfort, relaxation, and positive energy flow.


Vastu-Compliant Kitchen

Design your kitchen according to Vastu principles to enhance positivity and well-being while cooking and dining.


Optimum Bathroom Location

Consider the ideal placement of bathrooms in your home to maintain positive energy and hygiene.


Productive Work Area

Create a conducive environment for studying or working by applying Vastu principles to your workspace.


Vibrant Colors and Lighting

Explore the right colors and lighting techniques that can create a harmonious and energizing atmosphere


Reflective Surfaces Placement

Understand how to strategically place mirrors and other reflective surfaces to enhance positive energy in your home.


Natural Greenery Indoors

Incorporate indoor plants to purify the air, add beauty, and promote positive energy throughout your home.


Organized Living Spaces

Maintain a clutter-free home to allow positive energy to flow freely and create a peaceful environment.


Outdoor Tranquility

Design and maintain your balcony or garden area according to Vastu principles for relaxation and rejuvenation


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