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12 ways to sit back and relax in a small space



Cozy corner

Create a cozy corner with a small table and comfortable chairs or a loveseat.

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Hanging chair

Add a hanging chair for a fun and unique seating option that can easily be removed when not in use.

Bench seating

Incorporate bench seating along the perimeter of your balcony for a space-saving and practical solution.

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If you have a larger balcony, consider adding a hammock for a relaxing and comfortable spot to lounge.

Folding chairs

For smaller balconies, opt for folding chairs that can easily be stored away when not in use.

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Pallet seating

Repurpose pallets into comfortable seating with some cushions and pillows for a budget-friendly option.

Bar stools

Create a bar-height table and add bar stools for a modern and sleek seating option.

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Swing bench

Add a swing bench for a charming and playful seating option.

Floor cushions

Use floor cushions to create a relaxed and bohemian-inspired seating area.

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Create a cozy and luxurious retreat with a daybed and plenty of pillows.

Rocking chairs

Add rocking chairs for a classic and timeless seating option.

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Plant stands

Incorporate plant stands with seating to create a natural and inviting space.

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