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13 Bathroom Jar Ideas For an Organized look.



Bring home a few mason jars to place in your bathroom.

Consider buying more than one mason jar for a better space.

Pick a bathroom jar and put some soap into it to convert it into a soap dispenser.

Purchase a nice bathroom mason jar set with a nice finish.

Consider buying a white mason bathroom set.

Use the mason jar as an organizer. You can keep all the essential things in one place.

Convert the mason jar into a tissue holder.

Keep cotton balls and swabs in the bathroom jar.

You can also use your empty pickle jars and turn them into bathroom storage.

Keep all toothbrushes in space in a mason jar.

Bathroom jars are perfect for holding your makeup brushes.

You can even create your own bathroom storage jar by painting it.

Consider painting floral designs on the bathroom mason jars.

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