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13 Charming Small Garden Design Ideas.



If you have little space for raised beds in your garden, then you can fix wheels at the bottom of your raised beds and can easily access them.

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You can grow your veggies in any temporary container and create a small kitchen garden of your own. It does not require extensive space.

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You should keep your garden paths neat and clear. Keep it useful and beautiful.

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Grow veggies near the kitchen door. When they are ready to eat, it will be easy to access.

Image Source : realhomes

For a more formal look to the garden, you can add a few sculptural plants like box hedges or cypress.

Image Source : veranda

To avoid monoculture, plant your invasive crops in a pot.

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You can make a vertical space for your pots. It will maximize the space and will make the small garden look bigger.

Image Source : thespruce

Using large pots for your herbs will look more voguish than using lots of small ones.

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Not all crops need lots of soil to survive. You can use plastic bottles for planting.

Image Source : permaculturenews

Don't forget to add flowers in between your veggie beds, it will add more color to your garden.

Image Source : countryliving

Go for a living wall in your small garden.

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Install wind chimes for an attractive and creative look.

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Fix a DIY bubble fountain in your garden.

Image Source : thisoldhouse

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