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13 Delightful Bathroom Countertop Ideas



For a budget-friendly and all-natural look, you can use medium-hued wood for your countertop.

Image Source : realhomes

To bring a splendorous look on a budget, you can put a small slab of marble with a closed vanity.

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Use a neutral limestone counter for a beautiful look in your bathroom.

Image Source : edmchicago

Put floating wood with a vessel sink on your bathroom countertop for an accessible and stylish look.

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A brown vanity cabinet will look wonderful with a white marble countertop.

Image Source : housing

An inexpensive way to make your bathroom dazzle is by replacing a vanity with a dresser.

Image Source : atcharlotteshouse

A stream-lined industrial table looks stylish and affordable. It also has more space for storing necessities.

Image Source : magicbricks

A brown-speckled granite countertop will also give an elegant look to your bathroom.

Image Source : marble

Opt for a black marble countertop with a white vanity cabinet to get a classy look in the bathroom.

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If you are searching for low-cost bathroom vanities with many options, then laminate countertops are best for you.

Image Source : houzz

Thinking of going minimalistic? Pick beige marble countertops.

Image Source : thespruce

A limestone marble countertop can make your bathroom glow like nothing else.

Image Source : nitco

For a luxurious look, you can choose a glass bathroom countertop.

Image Source : architecturaldigest

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