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13 Garden Makeover Ideas To Update Your Space



Plant ornamental grass to decorate your garden.

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Install a bold screen in your garden.

Plant a variety of flowers to give your garden a vibrant and colorful look.

Image Source : thespruce

Build a paved pathway in your garden.

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You can even build a pool and a bar in your garden to bring some holiday vibes to it.

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Use your garden walls to create seating.

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Incorporate lavish seating in your garden to give it a complete makeover.

Image Source : housebeautiful

Build a sleek path in your garden by decking it.

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Consider getting gravel landscaping done in your garden.

Image Source : thespruce

Use moody tones in your garden to make it look contemporary.

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Incorporate cottage-style planting in your garden by planting a lot of foliage.

Image Source : homesandgardens

Use raised garden beds to bring character to your space.

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Finally, don’t forget to add a modern water feature to give it a complete makeover.

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