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13 Home decor tips: Energising colours to enliven the interiors


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Start with a neutral base

Use neutral colours such as white, beige, or grey as the backdrop to your decor. This provides a clean slate to add vibrant colours.

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Use bright accessories

Add colourful throw pillows, rugs, curtains, and other accessories to give a pop of colour to your space.

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Play with patterns

Experiment with patterns such as stripes, polka dots, and floral prints to add a playful touch to your decor.

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Mix and match colours

Don't be afraid to mix different colours and textures to create a lively and eclectic space.

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Choose a bold statement piece

Choose one piece of furniture or decor that stands out and draws attention to the room.

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Use accent walls

Paint one wall in a bold colour to create a focal point in the room.

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Add greenery

Plants and flowers are an excellent way to add colour to your home decor while also purifying the air.

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Incorporate metallics

Metallics such as gold and silver can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your decor.

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Use colour psychology

Research the psychological effects of colours and choose hues that will create the desired mood in your home.

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Use lighting to enhance colours

Proper lighting can enhance the colours in your home, so choose lighting fixtures that complement your decor.

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Use art as inspiration

Artwork can be a great source of inspiration for adding colour to your home. Use the colours in the artwork to guide your decor choices.

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Don't forget about the ceiling

Painting the ceiling a bright colour can add a surprising and playful touch to your decor.

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Experiment with different shades

There are many shades of each colour, so experiment with different shades to find the perfect colour for your home decor.

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