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13 Ideas For Landscaping With River Rocks



To make the landscaping more natural, create a small man-made pond in your garden area.

Image Source : treehugger

Since river rocks are present near the ponds, you can place them on the edge of the pond.

Image Source : urdesignmag

Incorporate the river rocks into the pathways.

Image Source : rockstoneandpebble

Use river rocks around your flowerbeds to create a relaxed woodland look.

Image Source : edenapp

You can put river rocks beneath the shaded area of the tree.

Image Source : villagegreen

Place some pebbles of different sizes on the edges of your patio.

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Plant some draught-tolerant plants in your garden and place rock pebbles around them.

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Place some dining room table lamps to create a visual separation.

Image Source : hgtv

If you have a wildlife pond in your garden, you can border it with river rocks.

Image Source : decorativeaggregates

Opt for fence lining for a low-maintenance look.

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Use rock pebbles in contrast with the colors in your garden for an impactful look.

Image Source : gardenseason

You can even use river rocks with your water feature.

Image Source : magicbricks

Use a mix of sandy hues with rock pebbles for a beachy vibe.

Image Source : edenapp

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