15 Most    Popular   Interior   Design   Styles   Explained  Well

What Are The Different  Decorating  Styles?

Here are 15  Most Popular Interior  Design Styles

Modern Style

A broad umbrella term that is used for many types of home decorating themes is Modern Style.

Minimalist Style

Minimalist Styling is the accurate reflection of the interior decor designs that were present in the 1960s and 1970s

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian design creates a perfect balance between personal desires & topmost choice for your place.

Industrial Style

Industrial interiors are such types of interiors that do not shy in expressing their roughness and bulkiness.

Contemporary Style

You will have the most recent and trending styling of the time in this contemporary style

Urban Style

Urban Style is present in the designing components and ideas that bring up a stony and valiant vibe

Classic or Traditional Style

Traditional or Classic style, interior designers use ideas of the past to embellish your interiors in a futuristic way.

Transitional Style

Traditional Style is the ultimate fusion of contemporary modern and traditional interior styling.

Hollywood Regency Style

If you want to bring back the glamour and charm of the 1930s golden age, which refers to the booming American film industry

Rustic Style

The rustic style keeps a prominent place in the list of most appealing interior decorating styles

Tropical Style

The tropical design is all about the endless love, beaches, and romantics accompanied by the exotic place

Bohemian Style

Bohemian Style gives rise to very specific designs named “boho-chic” or “boho”.

Asian / Zen Interior Style

Asian or Zen design does not occupy many decorations as it has to portray silence and stillness throughout your entire day.

Vintage Style

This style exhibits the looks of interiors that were present in the 1940s and 1950s as after world war 2 people collected and rebuilt their homes.

Country Style

This style can be modified just according to various traditions such as French, English, Scandinavian, or Tuscan as well