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Ceiling Trim Ideas - 10 Ideas For Highlighting The Architectural Details 



Paint your ceiling trim with cool and calming colors. It will allow it to look modern and contemporary. Colors such as grey are an ideal choice.

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You can pick an all-white design for your ceiling trim. It allows you to highlight the details of your house. Besides, you can hand a chandelier to create an impact.

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Ceiling trims look better if you highlight them with a border. To do the same, you can choose a contrasting color.

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Consider coloring the skirting boards and trims. Do this around the ceiling and your doors and windows. It will give your room a funky and vibrant look.

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Incorporate some wooden work on your ceiling trim. Wood can make it look fabulous. Use expert craftsmanship for this purpose.

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Choosing elegant paint for your ceiling trim can enhance its look. You can keep the ceiling white and choose a paint for the trim.

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Or, you can even pick a color that matches the ceiling of your house.

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Ceiling trim can have a well-coordinated design with your wallpaper. A coordinated design will bring harmony into your room.

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Use modern paint color combinations to create a beautiful effect that looks refreshing.

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Besides, you can also decide to keep everything simple. Choosing colors such as white and black are the best ideas as they keep things looking minimal.

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