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12 Coffee Table Decor Ideas


coffee table

The coffee table is often the focal point of the living room

Tray Chic

Use a decorative tray to keep your coffee table essentials organized.

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Fresh Flowers

Add flair to your space with a vase of fresh flowers, bringing in a vibrant pop of color to brighten up any room.

Book Stacks

Showcase your favorite coffee table books by stacking them creatively.

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Artful Objects

Infuse your space with character and charm by adorning it with intricately crafted sculptures and figurines of your choosing


Use a mix of pillar candles and votives to create a warm atmosphere.

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Natural Elements

Add natural beauty to your indoor space with plants or branches, for a refreshing touch of the great outdoors

Trinket Dishes

Stay organized in style with trinket dishes - perfect for small items and adding a decorative touch!

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Decorative Boxes

Store clutter in decorative boxes that complement your decor.

Textured Throws

Add warmth and style to your living room with a cozy throw draped over your coffee table.

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Geometric Shapes

Add interest with geometric shapes like coasters or a patterned rug.


Enhance space with mirrored tray or large mirror for added light and depth. Perfect for any room.

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Colorful Accents

evamp your space with a pop of color using decorative bowls or coasters as a simple and stylish accent piece.

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