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Crafting Stunning Flower Pots from Old Newspapers



Gather Your Materials

Grab old newspapers, scissors, glue, a small plastic container, and some colorful paints to add a personal touch to your pots.


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Fold and Roll

Begin by folding the newspaper into long strips and then rolling them tightly. This forms the base of your flower pot.


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Create the Base

Coil the rolled newspaper strips to create a circular base, securing it with glue as you go along.


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Build the Walls

Continue coiling and gluing the newspaper strips, gradually building up the walls of your flower pot. Keep them at a desired height.


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Strengthen the Structure

Apply an additional layer of glue to reinforce the structure and make your flower pot sturdier. Let it dry before moving on.


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Add a Plastic Liner

Insert a plastic container inside the paper pot to prevent water leakage. Trim the top of the container to match the pot's height.


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Decorate with Paint

Unleash your creativity! Paint the outer surface of the pot in vibrant colors, patterns, or even floral designs. Let your imagination bloom!


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Seal and Protect

Apply a coat of varnish or clear sealant to protect your masterpiece from moisture. This ensures its longevity and enhances its appearance.


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Choose Your Plants

Select your favorite plants or flowers to adorn your new paper flower pot. Opt for species that suit the pot's size and your gardening skills.


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Fill with Soil

Fill the pot with nutrient-rich soil, leaving enough space for the roots of your chosen plant. Gently pat the soil to ensure stability.


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Plant and Nurture

Carefully transfer your chosen plant into the paper pot, settling it into the soil. Water it regularly and provide the necessary sunlight.


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