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Creating a Garden that Attracts  Birds



Choose Native Plants

Select native plants to attract birds as they provide familiar food sources and habitat, supporting local ecosystems.


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Provide Sheltered Areas

Create dense shrubs, trees, and birdhouses to offer safe hiding spots and nesting areas for birds in your garden.


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Offer Fresh Water

Install a birdbath or shallow basin with fresh water to provide a vital resource for birds to drink and bathe.


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Include Feeders

Hang bird feeders filled with seeds, nectar, or suet to supplement natural food sources and attract a variety of bird species.


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Plant Berry-Bearing Shrubs

Incorporate berry-producing shrubs like holly or elderberry to provide birds with a seasonal food source and attract them to your garden.


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Create a Layered Garden

Design your garden with plants of different heights, from groundcovers to tall trees, to offer diverse habitats for various bird species.


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Avoid Pesticides

Minimize or eliminate pesticide use to protect birds and their food sources from harmful chemicals, promoting a healthy ecosystem.


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Incorporate Nesting Materials

Leave out materials like twigs, grass clippings, and feathers that birds can use for building their nests in your garden.


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Provide Nest Boxes

Install birdhouses designed for specific bird species to encourage nesting and reproduction, enhancing the bird population in your garden.


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Create a Windbreak

Plant tall trees or erect fences to create a windbreak, offering sheltered areas for birds to rest and protect them from harsh weather.


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Practice Year-Round Care

Maintain your bird-friendly garden throughout the year by providing water, food, and shelter in all seasons, supporting resident and migrating birds.


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Document Bird Sightings

Keep a bird-watching journal to record the different bird species visiting your garden, noting their behaviors and seasonal patterns.


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