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Essential Dos and Don'ts for Drinking Water from Copper Vessels



Choose High-Quality Copper

Ensure the copper vessel you select is made of high-quality copper to avoid any contamination risks.


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Clean Regularly

Clean your copper vessel regularly to maintain its hygiene and prevent the buildup of harmful substances.


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Avoid Acidic Liquids

Do not store or consume acidic liquids such as citrus juices or vinegar in copper vessels to prevent leaching of copper


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Use Filtered Water

Always use filtered water in your copper vessel to minimize the risk of impurities affecting your health.


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Don't Store Water for Too Long

Avoid storing water in copper vessels for extended periods to prevent excessive copper leaching.


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Consume Fresh Water

Drink water from your copper vessel immediately after filling it, as it may react with the copper over time.


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Keep Copper Vessels Dry

After cleaning, ensure the copper vessel is completely dry before refilling to prevent bacterial growth.


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Don't Overdo It

Moderation is key. Limit your daily consumption of water from copper vessels to avoid excess copper intake.


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Use Soft Cloth for Cleaning

Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean your copper vessel gently, avoiding abrasive materials that can damage the surface.


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Don't Use Harsh Cleaners

Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can erode the copper vessel's surface and compromise its safety.


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Store Away from Heat

Keep your copper vessel away from direct sunlight or heat sources to maintain its structural integrity.


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Replace When Necessary

If you notice signs of corrosion or damage, replace your copper vessel to ensure your water remains safe for consumption.


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