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Fairy garden ideas - 10 ways to build a magical space



The first step to building a fairy garden is to make a small fairy village in your garden. Your kids will love it.

Image Source : installitdirect

Add fairy windows to the trees in your garden. It will make them look aesthetically pleasing.

Image Source : parenta

A fairy garden would be incomplete without an enchanting entrance. So, create an enchanting entryway into your garden.

Image Source : swishandstitch

You can plant a few magical plants in your garden.

Image Source : balconygardenweb

Build small fairy doors with wood and place them on several trees in your garden. It will spark the imagination of your little ones.

Image Source : Pinterest

Place small pebbles in your garden.

Image Source : magicbricks

Create a secret corner in your fairy garden.

Image Source : hercircle

You can create a fairy garden in trees.

Image Source : nurserylive

You can also plant flower containers in the fairy garden.

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Don’t forget to add string lights in your fairy garden to add extra sparkle to it.

Image Source : littletudorontheprairie

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