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12 Feng Shui Tips for Building a House With Good Energy

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Chinese practice of arranging the environment to create positive energy flow

Choose the Right Location

The location of your home is crucial in feng shui. Look for a spot with good energy flow, such as a hilltop or a place with a clear view of water.

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Consider the Shape of Your Lot

The shape of your lot can also impact the energy flow of your home. Ideally, a rectangular or square lot is best for feng shui.

Create a Welcoming Entrance

Your home's entrance is the first impression people get, so make it inviting. A well-lit entrance with a clear path and no obstructions is ideal.

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Design a Balanced Layout

The layout of your home should be balanced to create good energy flow. Avoid long hallways or rooms that are too narrow.

Use Natural Light

Natural light is important in feng shui, so incorporate as much as possible. Avoid dark corners or rooms without windows.

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Incorporate Nature

Bringing nature inside your home can create a calming, positive atmosphere. Use plants, water features, or natural materials like wood or stone.

Choose Calming Colors

Colors can affect our mood, so choose calming, soothing colors for your home. Avoid bright or bold colors that can be overwhelming.

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Eliminate Clutter

Clutter can block energy flow, so keep your home organized and tidy. Get rid of anything you don't need or use.

Position Furniture Carefully

The placement of furniture can impact energy flow. Avoid placing furniture in front of doors or blocking pathways.

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Use Mirrors Wisely

Mirrors can reflect energy, so use them wisely. Avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom or facing a door.

Keep Electronics in Check

Electronics can create electromagnetic fields that disrupt energy flow. Keep them out of the bedroom and limit their use in other areas.

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Clean Regularly

Regular cleaning and maintenance can keep energy flowing smoothly. Keep your home clean and well-maintained to create a positive, welcoming environment.

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