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Front door colors - 7 Colors that make your house look timeless 



Choosing a blue front door will make your front door look bold and impactful.

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A black front door looks more inviting. It also makes your house look cleaner and smarter.

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If you wish to make your house look interesting, red door paint will do the job.

Image Source : feng-shui.lovetoknow

The green front door looks soothing and inspiring. This color also signifies growth and balance.

Image Source : londondoor

Yellow makes your house look cheerful. A yellow-colored front door would be a perfect pick for you.

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If you like to stay tidy and organized, you should consider painting your house’s door white.

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Purple is a spiritual color that makes your house look ecstatic.

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As you can see, every front door color signifies something.

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You can choose a front door color for your house based on your personality.

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And don’t forget to share these great paint color ideas.

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Do let us know which paint color you loved the most!

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