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Gothic home decor trends for welcoming home!


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Unlike your regular conception of a gothic-style home, it can look classy depending on how you build it.

Of course, the interiors of your house need to be dark, but it does not have to look like Dracula's home.

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You can use more details in building your house. Of course, you can add more classic features.

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Painting your house with a combination of black and grey will allow you to bring a gothic character to your house.

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You can place furniture like a Mondrian sideboard to make your house look appealing and gothic.

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Placing a black Soho center table in your living room will make it the focal point of your goth home decor.

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Go with the black decor items. You can pick a big wall clock with a black frame.

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If you are interested in keeping decor items such as vases, etc., make sure you pick only the black pieces.

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Let the cabinets and island in your kitchen be black!

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You can also let your house’s flooring be black!

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With these gothic home decor trends, you can make you house appear perfectly gothic.

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