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Green Bedroom Ideas - 10 Ideas For A Perfect Bedroom Makeover



Paint your bedroom with sage green color to make it airy and brighter.

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You can even pick a deep teal color. Pair it up with pink to add a pretty touch to your bedroom.

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Choosing a multi-print green color design will help you follow the maximalist approach to making your bedroom look vibrant.

Image Source : housebeautiful

Your bedroom will look the most stylish if you paint it with olive green walls.

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A grey-green paint looks classy and adds a touch of beauty to your bedroom.

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Opt for painting your bedroom walls with vibrant teal color. It will bring a soothing and calming effect to your bedroom.

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You can even add wallpaper to your room if you don't wish to paint the walls. Pick a green wallpaper that looks pretty and has a lot of floral print.

Image Source : architecturaldigest

Pair pastel green with other pastel colors for an aesthetic look in your bedroom.

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You can even add some natural beauty to your bedroom by placing green indoor plants.

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Choosing a khaki shade will create an impact environment in your bedroom.

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