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How to attract birds to your garden



Bring your garden to life: attract birds with these simple tips

Provide a variety of bird feeders

Different species of birds prefer different types of food, so offer a range of feeders to attract a diverse range of birds


Offer fresh water

A bird bath or fountain can be a great addition to your garden, as birds need fresh water for drinking and bathing.


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Plant bird-friendly flowers

Certain plants, like sunflowers and coneflowers, can attract birds with their nectar and seeds


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Create nesting boxes

Birds need safe and secure places to build their nests and raise their young


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Add birdhouses

Birdhouses offer birds a place to roost, rest, and shelter from the elements


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Keep your garden natural

Birds are attracted to natural habitats, so avoid using pesticides and chemicals that could harm them or their food sources.


Offer fruit trees

Some birds, like thrushes and woodpeckers, love to feed on fruits and berries.


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Provide perches

Birds like to perch and survey their surroundings, so adding some perches or branches to your garden can be helpful.


Use a birdbath heater

In cold weather, birds need access to unfrozen water, so consider adding a heater to your bird bath.


Create a bird-friendly environment

Plant trees and shrubs that provide cover and protection for birds from predators


Offer bird-friendly food

Birds love nuts, seeds, and suet, so include these foods in your bird feeders.


Keep your garden clean

Birds are attracted to clean and well-maintained gardens, so keep your garden free of clutter and debris.



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