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How to Create a Backyard Golf Oasis!



This story will guide you on how to turn your backyard into a golfer's paradise.

Choose the Right Spot

Select a flat, obstacle-free area with ample space to create a driving range and putting green for the perfect backyard golf oasis


Plan the Layout

Proper planning leads to a functional backyard golf oasis. Determine the putting green size and shape, driving range length, and tee box location.


Build a Putting Green

Building a putting green is easier than you think. Start by excavating the area, adding a base layer, and installing artificial turf. 


Create a Tee Box

Create a tee box that suits your swing. A good tee box should be level, stable, and have a surface that can withstand the impact of clubheads


Install Netting

Installing netting is essential to keep your golf balls from going astray. Use sturdy netting and install it around the perimeter of your backyard golf oasis


Choose the Right Grass

Choosing the right grass for your backyard golf oasis is crucial. Use artificial turf that looks and feels like real grass. It's low maintenance and will last for years to come.


Add a Sand Trap

Add a sand trap for a more authentic golfing experience. Build a pit, line it with a liner, add sand, and you're ready to practice your bunker shots


Set up a Chipping Station

A chipping station is an excellent addition to your backyard golf oasis. Create a small area with artificial turf and add a few targets to practice your short game.


Include a Water Feature

A water feature adds a calming and aesthetic touch to your backyard golf oasis. Install a small pond or fountain to create a peaceful atmosphere.


Add Outdoor Seating

Don't forget to add some outdoor seating to your backyard golf oasis. Install a bench or some chairs to take a break and enjoy the scenery.


Illuminate the Area

Illuminate your backyard golf oasis for nighttime play. Install LED lights around the perimeter, tee box, and putting green for an enchanting atmosphere.


Maintain Your Oasis

Maintaining your backyard golf oasis is essential for its longevity. Regularly clean your artificial turf, repair any damage, and store your equipment properly.



Bringing the Course Home: How to Create a Backyard Golf Oasis

Are you looking for a way to bring your love of golf into your own backyard? Creating a backyard golf oasis is the perfect solution

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