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How to Design a Garden with Year-Round Interest



Understand Your Garden

Discover your garden's unique characteristics, such as sunlight, soil, and climate, to plan accordingly.


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Diverse Plant Palette

Select a variety of plants with different bloom times, foliage colors, and textures for continuous allure.


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Flourishing Flowers Always

Incorporate perennial flowers that bloom throughout the year, maintaining vibrancy in every season.


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Enduring Foliage Wonders

Explore evergreen plants that keep their foliage all year, adding greenery when other plants may rest.


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Striking Leaf Combinations

Learn to create captivating foliage combinations to elevate the garden's visual appeal.


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Enchanting Winter Views

Discover how to incorporate elements like winter-blooming plants and hardscape features for winter charm.


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Dazzling Color Scheme

Craft a cohesive color scheme using flowers and foliage that engage the eyes every month of the year.


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Blending Hardscape with Green

Strike a balance between hardscape elements and plantings for an aesthetically pleasing garden.


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Nurturing Garden Ecosystem

Design with native plants and water sources to attract birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects.


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Prune for Optimal Growth

Learn proper pruning techniques to maintain plant health and encourage continuous blooming.


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Potted Allure Always

Utilize containers to feature seasonal plants and add a touch of interest in various garden areas.


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Enhancing Nighttime Appeal

Incorporate outdoor lighting to enjoy the garden's beauty even after the sun sets.


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